Freedom Cup Tournament Series
Friday, March 06, 2020 - Sunday, March 08, 2020
  Divisions & Team Placement Procedures

Our tournaments typically draw teams from many areas of the U.S. and Canada. Classification systems (aaa, aa, a, b, house select & house) may have slightly different meanings from area to area. Expect to encounter teams that may have different eligibility or classification rules that may not correspond to what you are accustomed to in your area. The age groups for USA Hockey and those of the Canadian Hockey Association are basically the same; however areas that have large numbers of registered players tend to further delineate within the 2 year window allowed for each age group. In these situations, teams composed of exclusively or primarily of players in their 1st year of eligibility of a particular age group will play in their respective home areas against like teams. For example, in Michigan teams they’re referred to as “A” teams and in Ontario & Western New York they are referred to as “minor” teams.

When formulating divisions we attempt to provide the best possible “competitive fit” from a pool of teams that often times has geographically diverse origins and may have classification designations that are different. Our experience along with input provided by participating teams allows us to provide very competitive divisions in the vast majority of circumstances. In order to allow for the best possible understanding of your team’s capabilities and placement, please enter Roster & Game Results in a timely fashion. Also, feel free to phone and email other pertinent information that will aid in the evaluative process.

Tournament Schedule

Schedules are available for viewing from the “Log-In” area of the Hockey Time website 10-14 days prior to the event.

Other activities: Team’s wishing to schedule activities such as team dinners; sporting events, etc. must contact Hockey Time at least 21 days prior to the tournament start date. Most reasonable requests, but not all, can be accommodated if timely communication takes place. Do not make deposits or purchase tickets until your request has been approved or conflicts may result. If such conflicts do occur, schedules will not be changed to accommodate the activity.  


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