Freedom Cup Tournament Series
Friday, March 06, 2020 - Sunday, March 08, 2020
  General Tournament Information

Refund Policy
$350 of any deposit or entry fee submitted is non-refundable upon receipt. All monies received are non-refundable if a team cancels within 45 days of the tournament start date. 100% refunds will be made to teams involved in divisions that do not fill. Effected teams will be contacted a minimum of 21 days prior to the tournament start date and refunds will be issued promptly.

Team Roster Requirements
A copy of your official certified roster (issued by USA Hockey or Hockey Canada) will be required by our on-site director prior to each tournament game. Please note: Actual hard copies of your roster document are required for presentation and retention by our on-site director.

In addition, after registration has occurred, enter names of all players (with birth years and uniform numbers) and personnel appearing on your official team roster (issued from USA Hockey or Hockey Canada) through the Log-In area at

Tournament Schedule
Schedules are available for viewing from the Log-In area of the Hockey Time website 10-14 days prior to the event.

Other activities: Teams wishing to schedule activities such as team dinners; sporting events, etc. must contact Hockey Time at least 21 days prior to the tournament start date. Most reasonable requests, but not all, can be accommodated if timely communication takes place. Do not make deposits or purchase tickets until your request has been approved or conflicts may result. If such conflicts do occur, schedules will not be changed to accommodate the activity.

Start/Finish Parameters
a. Events scheduled Friday through Sunday may start as early as 10:00 am on Friday (Kitchener and Buffalo may start games as early as 8:00 am on Friday). Sunday Championship games may start as late as 5:00 pm in all cities.

b. A teams participation in a M.L.K. & Presidents Tournaments listed as running Friday through Monday will be either Friday through Sunday or Saturday through Monday. Certain divisions will commence play on Friday and complete play on Sunday with remaining divisions playing Saturday through Monday.

Friday games may start as early as 10:00 am. Teams starting play on Saturday and completing play on Monday may start as early as 7:00 am Saturday. Championship games occurring on Sunday or Monday (if division plays Saturday thru Monday) may start as late as 5:00 pm in all cities.

Notification of divisional start/finish dates will occur by email 14-21 days prior to the event with game schedules being available through the Log-In area 10-14 days prior to the event.

A final note to team contacts, communicate clearly to attendees in regards to start/finish parameters. Requests for late start and or early finish times will be noted, reviewed and accommodated whenever possible.

Teams Traveling By Air
Team contacts should submit by e mail, return receipt requested, a detailed itinerary including departure time, arrival time, airline, flight number etc. at least 21 days prior to the start of the tournament. Itineraries that deviate from the above START/FINISH parameters should be discussed and approved by Hockey Time management prior to purchase of tickets.


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